What is Sarsfield RFC ?

Sarsfield Rugby Camp is the first ever LGBT+ inclusive rugby offering in the mid-west. To ensure it is inclusive for everyone, we’re starting out with a mixed offering with basic skills and an introduction to the game of touch rugby.

Sarsfields RFC will be inclusive of everyone who wants to play rugby, regardless of their ability. Some will be strong. Some won’t. Some will be fit. Some won’t. Some will be experienced. Some won’t. That’s all okay!

But if our energy is indomitable? We can truly fulfil our potential. All it takes is being sound and being willing to try. It’s something we can be proud of, win or lose. And we will play against bigger, stronger more experience rugby people – especially in the founding years. But energy? On and off the field? It’s something we can all bring to this project and be proud of, in whatever we do.